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Welcome New Deputy

A portion of the historic part of the Iron County Jail has been temporarily closed. This section was closed due to a health risk caused by the high temperatures.  The newer section is still being utilized and some prisoners are being held in surrounding jails.


Tours of the historic portion of the jail will be held on Saturday June 14, 2014 from 10 am until noon and from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm.  Anyone wanting to view the historic jail is encouraged to come by. The jail was featured in an article by the Post Dispatch Newspaper previously.


We would like to welcome Deputy Jeff Burkett to the Iron County Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Burkett recently graduated from the Missouri Sheriff Association’s Deputy Sheriff’s Academy in Popular Bluff, Missouri.  The Deputy Sheriff’s Academy is 700 hours of training with special emphasis on the duties and responsibilities of a Deputy Sheriff.  Deputy Burkett (309) will be assigned to the south end of Iron County.


Please visit our website at to review the Sheriff’s Office and jail states report.  This information will be update by the 15th of each month.  Should anyone have any suggestion to add another field, please feel free to contact the Sheriff’s Office.  In the upcoming reports we will include a detailed explanation of each section and what the numbers mean to the citizens of the county.


The Friday night Pickin-on-the-Square has been going very well and we encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the free music and fellowship.


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Tips & Warning Signs

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