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“Purple Heart County”

     The Iron County Sheriff’s Office was honored to be a part of the Purple Heart Ceremony held at the court house last week. After the Honorable Judge Randall Head read the proclamation designating Iron County a “Purple Heart County”, the Sheriff’s Office was given the distinct privilege of raising the Purple Heart Flag. The Sheriff would like to personally recognize each person the Purple Heart was bestowed upon and thank them for their sacrifice, dedication, and service to our great country. Currently, the Sheriff’s Office has six staff members who are proud military veterans with one currently serving in the National Guard.


Deputies Burkett and Chappell attended the Interview and Interrogation class at Missouri State Law Enforcement Academy in Jefferson City, thanks to the LERF Board. The ability to communicate with others is an integral part of a law enforcement officer's job as is the ability to listen and separate lies from truth. The goal of this course was to provide professional training regarding tactical communication tools, active listening skills, and basic interview versus interrogation, statement analysis, and interrogation techniques.

Deputies Elkins and Davis attended an Instructor Development Course, which is required for instructors to provide certified training to Law Enforcement Officers. This course is designed to develop both the technical skills required to become a police instructor and the confidence needed to properly instruct a class. Assist police instructors in understanding and improving their use of techniques and methods of effective instruction, it creates an awareness and appreciation of the role of police instructors and enable students to recognize the factors which influence learning.

Recently, the Missouri Department of Public Safety has increased the number of annually required training hours to maintain a Missouri Police Officer’s License. With the new legal issues and decision coming from the Ferguson incident, we have decided to be proactive and started receiving training in defensive tactics, crisis intervention and criminal procedures. We will add additional classes as they become available. With our staff being county residents, we will been able to invest in our staff training and have our own in-house instructors. This will also allow the Sheriff’s Office to offer training free to other Iron County cities and at a small fee to surrounding law enforcement agencies.

Deputy Maxey attended an evidence collection and storage class. The proper management of evidence is so vital to the organization. The prosecution of suspects depends on the proper collection and preservation of evidence collected during the course of a criminal investigation. Once certain evidence is collected it must be packaged and transferred to the Missouri Highway’s Criminal Laboratory for analysis. Once the items are analyzed the results are returned to the Deputy, who then incorporates it into their report and submits it to the Prosecuting Attorney to assist in the decision whether to prosecute and what charges to file.

The Sheriff’s Office sent Deputy Burkett to become an ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) Training Instructor. This training will is offered at no expense to any organization or business that desires the training, please contact the Sheriff’s Office for additional information. ALICE training prepares individuals to handle the threat of an Active Shooter. ALICE teaches individuals to participate in their own survival, while leading others to safety. No one can guarantee success in this type of situation, this new set of skills will greatly increase the odds of survival should anyone face this form of disaster.

After the recent and unfortunate railroad crossing accident, the Sheriff’s Office has conducted a thorough review of all rail road crossings in the county and sent a letter requesting six crossings in the county be looked at with the possibility of them be up-graded with railroad gates and/or audible signals. A letter was sent to MoDot explaining the request with copies sent to Senator Romine and Representative Fitzwater’s Offices requesting their assistance. On Monday, March 28, 2016 the Sheriff was interview by Kadee Brosseau from KFVS Channel 12 concerning the railroad crossings in Iron County. To view the interview please go to the following link:

I would like to take a moment to thank our Chaplain Don Akers for all he does for the Sheriff’s Office. He is available to anyone in time of need. Contact the Sheriff’s Office for assistance.


February Sheriff’s Office Statistical Information:



General Sheriff’s Office Statistics:

  • Sheriff’s Office answered 421 calls from the 911 dispatch center during February